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OVERSEAS STUDENTS MISSION: A New Force in Foreign Mission

When Bob Finley went to China as a missionary in 1948, he had great expectations for the kingdom of God in that land.  But in 1949, Marxist/Maoist revolutionaries took over and put out the 6000 foreign missionaries who are working there.  Nine out of ten of the Communist leaders had been converted to that ideology while away from home as foreign students.

When the Communists (and also Muslims) were working day and night to reach these future leaders of every nation, there was no Christian ministry which reach out to them during their stay in America.

So, with help from Billy Graham, who had supported him while he served overseas, Bob Finley started International Students Inc in Washington DC to reach these “Foreign Fields at home.”

Now, based in Colorado Springs, this ministry still continues today as ISI.

Meanwhile, with the help of Pastor Donald Barnhouse and his congregation, Bob started Overseas Students Mission in Philadelphia.  OSM concentrates on foreign students from “mission field” countries who have confessed Christ as Savior, helping them grow toward spiritual maturity.  When they are ready, OSM sends them back to their homelands as spiritual leaders for Christ.

Currently, more than 1.3 million foreign nationals are in the USA as students and trainees.  They come from every country on earth, including all those that are close to missionaries from America.

About ten percent of these temporary visitors are born again, Bible believing evangelical Christians.  Many have a burning zeal to return to their native lands and evangelize their people.  But they have no financial resources with which to begin.  So, before OSM sends them home, gifts and offering are received from their Christian friends and prayer partners which helps this gospel servants get started winning souls and planting churches where none have existed previously.

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